Members gather for our 1st TeC collective day

Transition en Commun members gathered at Cité-des-Hospitalières en Transition for the 1st edition of the TeC Collective Days. Over fifty people attended! A new opportunity to forge bonds of complicity, trust and solidarity between members, and to engage collectively in the co-construction process underlying the alliance. Rich, contributory exchanges, experimentation, laughter and informal discussions … so many good times shared collectively at the end of a convivial 5@7!

On the menu for the day’s workshops and meetings:

  • the role of storytelling in building new imaginaries to mobilize collectively towards transition
  • what form and function should a space dedicated to neighborhood groups take in the governance of the TeC alliance?
  • what contributions can our alliance make in a teeming ecosystem of transition – between complementarity and convergence of movements at the intersection of institutions, civil society, citizen movements, etc.?
  • the priority transition themes to be retained in order to mobilize dedicated working groups whose primary function will be to co-construct new, actionable institutional commitments for the benefit of the transition at neighbourhood level
  • JEDI challenges and practices (justice, equity, diversity, inclusion) at the heart of a cross-functional strategy for our alliance, to ensure that social justice plays a greater role in the socio-ecological transition.
  • what are the priorities in terms of knowledge mobilization within the knowledge committee?
  • an approach dedicated to the place of participatory democracy and citizen participation in optimizing the socio-ecological transition, enhancing existing mechanisms and shaping new institutional arrangements.

Thank you all for your attendance and contributions!