en Commun

An alliance between citizens, the City of Montreal and civil society for the socio-ecological transition in Montreal neighborhoods.


Transition en Commun federates an alliance of citizens, civil society players and organizations, the City of Montreal and other institutions around a co-construction approach, with a dual overall objective:

to generate, popularize, celebrate and mobilize around a shared vision of the socio-ecological transition

to collectively give ourselves the means to implement it, notably through new commitments from the institutions concerned, first and foremost in Montreal and for the benefit of the mobilization of neighborhoods for the transition.

Our vision of socio-ecological transition is aligned with the vision of Montréal 2030 and is based in particular on:

Citizen participation, democracy and the creation of commons

Equity, diversity and inclusion, strengthening the link between social justice and the environment

Neighborhoods and local life

Culture and the creation of a mobilizing collective narrative

Social economy and social innovation

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