Panel on feminist perspectives on environmental justice

A look back at the “Feminist Perspectives on Environmental Justice” panel – David Suzuki Foundation

A member of Transition en Commun, the David Suzuki Foundation (DSF) organized the Feminist Perspectives on Environmental Justice panel on March 28, following up on International Women’s Rights Day on March 8.

As FDS pointed out in its latest report on environmental justice in Quebec, “Some communities bear an inequitable and disproportionate burden of environmental damage and risk, because they are disadvantaged, racialized, aboriginal […] What we call environmental justice is the highlighting of these injustices, and a set of measures to address them.”

Climate change, for example, has a disproportionate impact on women, who do not have the same degree of vulnerability and adaptation to environmental risks as men.

In this context, four guests shared their feminist points of view: Stéphanie Germain from Éduconnexion, Karine Péloffy from Mères au front – Montréal, Colette Lelièvre from Amnistie internationale Canada francophone and Amélie Boudot from Conseil des Montréalaises.