TeC @ Sommet Climat Mtl

This week, Transition en Commun and several of its members are getting together on May 9 and 10, 2023 at the Port of Montreal’s Grand Quai for the 2nd edition of the Montreal Climate Summit.

TeC is co-organizing two dedicated activities:

Conference: ”Climate justice: placing climate action within a broader, fair and equitable framework”

Wednesday, May 10 – 10 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Co-hosted with the David Suzuki Foundation and the Foundation of Greater Montreal

The people most affected by climate change are those who have contributed least to it. Beyond this observation of profound inequality, the climate crisis could be one revelation, among others, of the impasse of some of our societal choices. Conversely, reflecting on the links with other crises, and on our way of seeing the world and living things, could lead us to consider more equitable and effective courses of action.

The aim of this conference will be to build bridges between sectors and stakeholders to address issues of social and environmental justice, and to initiate avenues for reflection and collaboration.

Moderator: Melissa Mollen Dupuis, Innu activist, David Suzuki Foundation

Karel Mayrand, President and CEO, Foundation of Greater Montreal
Marianne-Sarah Saulnier, member, Conseil des Montréalaises
Sophie L. Van Neste, Professor, Research Chair on Urban Climate Action, Institut national de la recherche scientifique
Shi Tao Zhang, Researcher and Project Coordinator, David Suzuki Foundation

Workshop: ”Collective action in Montreal neighborhoods: towards a just and equitable transition. What involvement for companies and institutions?”

Wednesday, May 10 – 1 pm – 2:30 pm

Co-organized with Project Collective Impact – Centraide of Greater Montreal, and the Montreal Coalition of Neighborhood Tables

Many neighbourhoods are on the move to mobilize their communities towards a fairer, more inclusive and ecologically sustainable city. Whether through the collective action model of neighbourhood tables, within the Transition en Commun alliance, or through initiatives stemming from Projet impact collectif, collaboration between all the players in a community is essential to ensure the socio-ecological transition.

This workshop will highlight the concerted action and collective action approaches being deployed in Montreal neighborhoods to work towards their social development. The socio-ecological transition will be approached from a broad perspective that includes the question of social inequalities. The workshop will invite participants to propose new avenues for collaboration between neighborhood players, businesses and institutions.

A number of questions will be addressed, such as: how do these networks and initiatives ensure the participation and inclusion of all? What challenges and opportunities do they face? What role do companies and institutions play in these local initiatives?

Animation: Rotem Ayalon, coordinator – Projet impact collectif, Centraide du Grand Montréal

With guest speakers:
François Bergeron, General Manager, Corporation de développement communautaire Centre-Sud
Sabrina Cardin Ouellette, co-founder, Comité citoyen Catalyseur du Bronx
Myriam Grondin, General Manager, Concert’Action Lachine